The Cat in the Hat

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Have a ball with Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat in this classic picture book...but don't forget to clean up your mess!

A dreary day turns into a wild romp when this beloved story introduces readers to the Cat in the Hat and his troublemaking friends, Thing 1 and Thing 2. A favorite among kids, parents, and teachers, this story uses simple words and basic rhyme to encourage and delight beginning readers.

Then he said, "That is that."
And then he was gone
With a tip of his hat.

Originally created by Dr. Seuss himself, Beginner Books are fun, funny, and easy to read. This unjacketed hardcover early readers encourage children to read all on their own, using simple words and illustrations. Smaller than the classic large format Seuss picture books like The Lorax and Oh, The Places You�E€�Ell Go!, these portable packages are perfect for practicing readers ages 3-7, and lucky parents too!


ISBN: 9780394800011
ISBN-10: 039480001X

Dr. Seuss
Series: Beginner Books(R)
Date: March 12, 1957
Hardcover Picture Book | 72 pages
Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Cats
Juvenile Fiction / Classics
Juvenile Fiction / Stories In Verse

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