MakoStars LLC was co-founded in August 2015 by an American Expat. The company's mission is to promote a better understanding of the world through the knowledge and use of English.

MakoStars provides educational products and services to individuals, teachers, language schools, and other organizations. The MakoStars website publishes information and resources related to English education and teaching. 

In addition, MakoStars operates a small language school, BumbleB English, in Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo. BumbleB English provides English lessons to students from elementary school students through high school. In addition, the school offers one-on-one classes for college students and business English lessons for adults.

In early 2018, MakoStars started to sell books and learning materials on several online marketplaces. Since then, the company has contracted with major book publishers to sell books and learning materials. The company has received over 20,000 orders from online marketplaces. Based on this success, we have launched this online store to further support our customers.

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