The Magic School Bus Presents: Planet Earth : A Nonfiction Companion to the Original Magic School Bus Series

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THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS PLANET EARTH is a photographic nonfiction companion book to the original bestselling title, THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS INSIDE THE EARTH taught thousands of kids about Earth's crust, mantle, and core.

MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS PLANET EARTH will expand upon the original title with fresh, updated Common Core-aligned content about all the wonders of our planet. With vivid full-color photographs on each page and illustrations of the beloved Ms. Frizzle and her students, the Magic School Bus Presents series will enthrall a whole new generation of Magic School Bus readers. Don't miss the all-new Magic School Bus: Rides Again book series and the animated show streaming on Netflix now!


ISBN: 9780545680127
ISBN-10: 0545680123

Tom Jackson, Carolyn Bracken (Illustrated by)
Series: The Magic School Bus Presents
Date: June 24, 2014
Trade Paperback | 32 pages
Juvenile Nonfiction / Reference

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