会社情報 Corporate Information

MakoStars LLC is a Tokyo-based company that provides educational products and services to individuals, teachers, language schools and corporations.

企業メッセージ Company Message

MakoStars is a family-run business based in Tokyo that focuses on providing quality educational products and services to our customers. We are very interested in education and teaching, especially when it comes to teaching about other cultures and the English language.

As we are a multi-cultural family, we understand first-hand the challenges and difficulties of learning a second language. As parents, we also have experienced the struggles (and successes) children face when studying as well.

From this experience, we would like to share with others; the tools, materials, and techniques that have been helpful for us in our education as well in the learning practices of our children and students. We understand that not everyone will become a fluent foreign language speaker, but with patience, curiosity, and confidence without worrying about mistakes, anyone can learn to communicate in a foreign language.

As we try to provide quality information and services, we are always seeking products or services that are useful for our customers.  Feel free to contact us with any suggestions that you would like to share and we would be happy to spread this with our community. Please feel free to contact us at info@makostars-store.com.